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ADHD Online or In Person 1:1 Coaching
Stop feeling like a square peg in a world of round holes! ADHD/ADD does not have to keep you from succeeding! Perform and live your best at school, work, & life with The Bearded Buddha’s ADHD/ADD Life Coaching!

Online or InPerson—1:1 Tutoring for Life!
The Bearded Buddha can help you with your studies, school applications, résumés, and your career!

Write Your Best! ($99 for 50 pages of editing!)
Need to make sure that your papers, emails, reports, application essays, personal statements, social media, and any other writing say what you want them to say in the most winning way? For 35+ years, the Bearded Buddha has guided people to their best in whatever they write!


All Bearded Buddha services (except for Write Your Best!) are chargeable at $50/hour.



As a distraught college sophomore, I called Randy on my cell phone from the floor (yes, the floor) of a study lounge. I thought I was going to fail out of my math major and end up flipping burgers and living out of my parents’ basement. Randy convinced me that failing at math doesn’t mean failing at life, and that I’m probably capable of succeeding at math, too. He gave me the courage and confidence to get up off the floor, get on with my life, graduate with honors, and get a job that involves zero burger-flipping (unless I’m grilling for family and friends on the weekend). Randy has been there for me at this and other critical points in my life, and I could never have gotten to where I am without him.

—E.P., Dallas, Texas

Up From the Basement to A New Life

Randy helped prepare me for a challenging test.  But he did not just help me with content, he examined my study habits, my self-designed mental hurdles to doing well, the derivation of my test anxiety and how to address it, and my lack of faith in being able to own this exam.  Tests are terrible for people with busy, distracted minds and an edge of anxiety—yet Randy had an infinite array of pragmatic tools to offer to help me with timing and the careless errors I made under duress of being timed. I was amazed on many occasions by Randy’s intuition for what exactly was getting in my way of doing really well.  He is brilliant, perceptive, and compassionate, and a true professional in the art of strategic learning—I am so grateful for his help, and I am starting grad school soon, thanks to his efforts and talent.

—E.K., Garden City, New Jersey

The Art of Strategic Learning

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